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This is so not going to resonate with any of the male readers out there….

I remember when I was a little girl – I love the name Sindy – yes Cindy but spelled with an “S”. That was the name I gave things and used as a pretend name.

Julia has chosen the name Chrystal. She uses it when playing pretend. She often asks Nathan to call her Chrystal when they are playing. Just now she is playing with “birthday cake” playdoh (a set she got) and she is singing happy birthday to the imaginary Chrystal. I have no idea where she heard the name, but I think it is so cute.

Of course – in her mind it could be spelled Kristyl or something.

For Kate

As requested – a few recent pictures of Lauren. Now you must reciprocate!

Quack Quack Quack

I dropped off Julia this morning at preschool and then preceded on my way with only Lauren in tow, asleep.

I found myself singing along to the music playing. It wasn’t until it changed songs that I realized I was singing along with “Six Little Ducks” by Raffi. I quickly switched over to my iPod but I still can’t believe I didn’t even notice that I was singing “quack quack quack” aloud.


Ok – so this is one of those annoying posts about something my kid did that I find interesting. You can stop reading now if you are one of those (nonparents likely) that are bored by these.

Anyway – Nathan has taken to using a shoe horn to put on his shoes. He is a very inflexible (physically) child – most likely due to a combination of chemo (Vincristine) and my genes. So the shoe horn really helps him since he can’t sit down and bend his legs very much. I guess he decided he needed to keep it in a more convenient place.

I guess he went and got the clothespin and stuck it there. Perhaps when he is a little older he can help organize things in this house.

Newest addiction

Luke and I have a new favorite snack food…yum.

I will never be a professional party planner…

Julia had her birthday party today. She wanted it at home. She has been planning a Strawberry Shortcake theme party for a good nine months. Over the months she would occassionally instruct me in a very detailed manner about how she wanted her cake. She decided she wanted a party similar to last year. Last year the kids did crafts and decorated bags with fabric paint. Last year we had the party on a Saturday.

Ok – so this year I planned the party for a Monday afternoon. For some reason I thought it would be good and easier to have it on a weekday afternoon. Well – it really wasn’t. First off – Luke had to work and couldn’t help much. Also I had to go get Nathan from school. That coupled with the fact that I fed Lauren 3 times for at least a half an hour at a time before the party left little time to get ready. Fortunately I did get everything done.

I had some crafts. The kids did those for about a half hour and then went off to play instead. The two other moms that stayed and I worked on one of the crafts that proved to be too difficult for the kids…..

I actually did get the cake right. Julia wanted me to make it. It was white with pink frosting and strawberries on top. I convinced her to wait to put the strawberries on after she blew out the candles.

After cake, presents were opened and that was that.
All in all – it went fine – but the stress and preparation I could do without. I just do not enjoy throwing parties.


Happy Fourth Birthday Julia!