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Different Families

Something that has been breaking my heart lately.

Julia’s family:  Mommy and Daddy and Nathan and Lauren

Lauren’s family:  Mommy, Daddy and Julia.

No Nathan.  She is learning to write – she writes about all of us but not him.  Her “My Family” project for school, – no Nathan.  I didn’t ask, didn’t push.  I just asked it there were any other pictures she wanted.  I then asked if she wanted any pictures from when she was younger and she said no.  So that’s it.

I don’t blame her.  She was only 20 months old when he died.  He is just an idea to her.  He is a stranger in pictures.  I just wish she understood how much he loved and adored her and that she does have a big brother.

I just makes me really sad.

Anesthesia Joke Repost

With all the Propofol in the news these days it made me want to repost this.  Nathan received propofol for most of his bone marrow aspirations and biopsies.  Sometimes they let me be in the room with him and they would push it and he would be asleep instantly.

Nathan: I know why it is called propofol !
Me: Why?
Nathan: because when they give it to you it makes you FALL asleep and then you wake up and try to walk and you FALL down.

I had Nathan tell the anesthesiologist who said it was her first propofol joke. It is cuter coming out of Nathan because he says “purplefall” instead of “pro.poe.fall”

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