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Wintersong, Again..

I posted this last year and just wanted to post it again.

So far, this Christmas has been easier in the grief department.  At the same time Nathan is very close to my heart at this time of year.


A picture came home from preschool of Lauren and I thought she really looks a lot like a picture of Nathan we have (he was 6).

First Violin Recital

I have mentioned before that Lauren is taking violin lessons.  she had her first recital on Saturday and did very well!  A Video is below.

I also got to play with a few other parents and some older students which was a lot of fun.

Here’s a far cuter picture of me playing the cello when I was Lauren’s age.

And a few more picture of Lauren

Healthy Heart

Three years ago, a few months after Nathan died Lauren had her two year old checkup.  Her doctor referred her to the pediatric cardiologist because she had a very loud murmur.  An echocardiogram revealed  that it was a “functional murmur”.  Today she went back for a recheck and her murmur is much quieter and everything looks good.  That was a relief.

Bringing her in, however, had its own triggers.  I remembered the day Nathan fainted after chemo and I had to bring him in there for a stat echo.  I remembered bringing in Julia for an echo that finally helped prove she did have Kawasaki Disease.  I remembered a conversation I had with a just-turned-two year old Lauren the last time we were there in the parking lot.  She saw the hospital and immediately associated it with Nathan.
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