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On Blogging

I have some friends who have been discussing the possible reasons why their blogging has slowed way down.  So I have been thinking about that for myself.  Some reasons:

1.  I feel less comfortable sharing my thoughts publicly.

 I am not sure why this is.  I have several times thought about protected posts or something like that.  I guess I don’t know who is reading and I feel more and more that as my circles expand I may say something that affects my relationships with people I come into contact with.  It was far easier to blog in the day that my blog was read mostly by people I didn’t know face-to-face.

2.  My stage of life is transitional right now.

I am figuring out what my “stay-at-home” mom career is going to morph into now that the kids are in school full-time.  I feel kind of silly writing about my life on here – like people will judge – but I think it is my own insecurities.  I really should write a post on this topic.

3.  It is easier to throw one sentence onto Facebook than write a whole post

I am sure there are more, but that’s what I have right now.  I would like to blog more, but need to figure out these issues.

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Church update

The preliminary vote is FOR the split.  The final vote will be in April.

Once again – don’t feel able to share my feelings freely here – but didn’t want to leave anyone hanging.


This is what is going on in my church…

I am very hesitant to share my feelings in this public arena, because they are very personal and these issues are very divisive.  I will say I am sorry it has come to this.  I see pros and cons to the change…I do not yet know how I am going to vote tomorrow.