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She’s mocking me

I think I recently blogged that I bought a cello and that I played the cello from ages 5-13 and then quit.  I probably hadn’t played a cello since I was 17 or so.

I decided to buy suzuki cello book 3 because I actually remember playing those songs.

I open the book and see this little girl

Now I am playing a piece that utilizes many high positions and vibrato and is not “easy” but man, does she make me feel old and slow!  I have no clue what age I was when I first played this, but still…

Here is a link to a girl playing one of the songs in the book if you are interested in the level.

It is fun to be playing again so I am just trying to ignore the picture.

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St. Patrick’s Day and Lent

I have been to choir rehearsal tonight.  We rehearsed a beautiful choral arrangement of the following song.  I found it a fitting choice as a celtic tune and for this season of lent.  I wish I could find the choral arrangement to share as it is better than this solo one.  Here are the words.

O love divine amazing love
That brought to earth from heaven above
The Son of God for us to die
That we might dwell on high 

He died for you
He died for me
And shed His blood to make us free
Upon the cross of calvary 
The Savior died for me

Edited to add  Here is a link to an mp3 of the choral version


Hmm…still light on the blogging.  What have we been up to?

We went skiing last weekend with my brother and his family.  It was my second time skiing.  I started out on the bunny hill for an hour or two and then went up the big lift.  Last time I tried the lift twice and fell both times.  This time I made it off without falling and managed to do much better skiing overall.  I still came down the greens with very wide turns but made it down many times without a fall so that was a success!  Julia took a lesson and I think we will be able to try her on the big hill next time.  Lauren made it to the bunny hill but turning is still a bit of an issue.  Luke has been a skiier for years so he was very nice and skiied with me a lot of the time.  I sent him off to some blacks here and there.

The weekend before, Lauren had a group concert for violin.  She and I played a duet of Lightly Row, with me on the cello.  Yes, I did go ahead and buy myself a cello a few weeks ago.  It has been really fun getting back into playing it after 20 years.  I have a video, which I have shared some, but I am unhappy with my intonation in it.  I may post it, we’ll see.  She did great!

The weekend before that one, Luke and I went to a marriage retreat with our church to Estes Park.  It was a really good weekend.  We went into it feeling like we didn’t really have any major issues and luckily came out of it assured that we don’t and that we are on the same page about things and manage to communicate about marriage types of things on a regular basis anyway.  Our senior pastor and his wife spoke and are fabulous.  We even got to repeat our vows, which was meaningful to me especially since Luke and I didn’t have a Christian wedding so saying these vows in a new light was really special.

The weekend before that one was when Luke’s sister, Anna and her boyfriend were here.  (did I make up for naming him and not Anna last time??)

February pictures forthcoming….plus a post with picture and why Luke and I were the lamest couple at our retreat!