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I thought I would do a general catch-up type of post today.

We have all been passing around a really nasty cold. Remarkably, I was the last to get it this time. Luke has avoided all the sicknesses this year until this one and I got it after him. Nathan got it first and then Julia. We think Lauren has it but it is hard to tell.

So – other than the bad cold thing what has been going on?

Well – feeding and playing with Lauren take up like 80% of my time it seems – especially when she doesn’t nap – which is most of the time. I have been working on travel plans to New York in June for Nathan’s scans. I have also spent some time on the phone with our insurance company and New York Presbyterian Hospital. This hospital is actually in-network for us, but of course it wasn’t that simple. Nathan stayed in their PICU after his surgery since Memorial Sloan Kettering doesn not have a PICU. The attending physician in the PICU is out-of network. Well – it is not like we could pick and choose who attended to Nathan. I don’t know how a hospital can be in network and then have it’s inpatient doctors not be. So – the insurance company is resubmitting it. It might not seem like a big deal – having to pay 80% of this physician’s fee. However – the insurance company has their “reasonable” charge amounts and will pay 80% of those. There is a big gulf between what this doctor charged and the amount the insurance company is willing to pay. So…. I guess we will see what happens. They are trying to collect from us and they have put it on hold for 30 days. If I have to appeal again there might be a choice of a negative mark on our credit or paying more than we owe. This is not the first time this has happened. Ugh.

What else? We have some friends moving back in town after moving to Florida a year and a half ago. The husband was here working this week and we had him over to dinner. It was a good excuse to cook and clean.

I have been playing my guitar and the piano lately. We moved our keyboard to the living room from the basement so I could use it more. When I pick up the guitar, often Nathan joins me on his ukelele ad Julia on the keyboard. I can stand that for about 2 minutes.

Fun task for today….steam cleaning strawberry milk out of the van.

This has gotten long enough I will save updates on everyone else for another entry.

April in Colorado

Yesterday the kids were in shorts. It’s kind of hard to see but there is snow in that picture.

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She blinded me with….

Science……Channel that is.

I have recently caught a few of the offerings on the Science Channel. I am not sure how well-subscribed it is. We get it on D*TV as one of the extra channels in a package that gives us lots of kids channels.

If you are thirty-something like me you may have watched Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood on PBS as a child. Well – I’ll take that back because my kids used to watch it on PBS kids channel. But anyway…I loved when he would go to a factory and film how crayons (for example) are made. The Science Channel has a half hour program devoted just to this: How It’s Made I never get tired of watching those specialized machines perform their unique tasks and then see hundred drones of the finished product roll off.

Tonight I watched Survivorman for the third time. This guy goes out in the “wilderness” for a week with limited supplies and a bunch of cameras and batteries and survives off the land. In tonight’s episode he was set adrift on the ocean in a emergency raft. He is alone, but is monitored in some way for safety. I love to see the “McGuyver” types of things he come up with to survive.

I saw many ads for an upcoming show I am very interested in seeing called Cool Fuel. Here is a blurb:

Shaun Murphy and the Coolfuel Crew set off on an incredible journey to conquer the American Road without gasoline. Can they make it across the country on custom built machines, running on fuels such as corn whiskey ethanol, garbage and wind?

So – if any of you are actually looking for more TV to watch (hah!) You have my recommendations for a channel to surf to

Cleaning up your desktop

I found a blog entry yesterday about clearing you computer’s desktop via lifehacker. I am giving it a try. So far, so good.

The survey says….

Normally I don’t answer telephone surveys. For some reason I decided to participate in a radio survey a few months back. I was asked about my listening habits and stations.

They called back a few weeks ago and I begged off and now I know they are in Ohio and so I ignored them using caller ID a few times. Tonight I answered the phone almost before I really registered who was calling and it was the radio survey people.

Well, this time I was asked to listen to clips of songs (ended up being 35 of them) and rate them as follows:

unfamiliar with
never liked
tired of
no opinion

They are building playlists for stations using these surveys. It hadn’t occurred to me that they do this – though it makes sense.

So – I felt good about my musical tastes influencing (in a very small way) what people are hearing on the radio.

I had several “never liked”. They were either Shania Twain or Faith Hill crossover adult contemporary types. Also – there were two Aerosmith songs. I like most everything Aerosmith but these were the worst two songs – once again – almost as if written to be adult contemporary. I was pleased to be able to rate a Depeche Mode song as a favorite, among some others.

My Easter treats

Those of you who know me know I am not overly “girly” but I admit I was excited to be able to buy matching dresses for my little girls for the first time. Nathan picked out his new tie.

I have been a singing fool these past two weeks. I attending 12 hours of rehearsals and sang in seven services. I even missed 4 hours of rehearsals and 4 services. I woke up at 3:30 am this morning to nurse Lauren and get ready to go to church by 5:00 am. I sang in an outdoor sunrise service at a nearby park. It was a very cool experience (leterally and figuratively) and definately worth the lack of sleep. Afterwards we all rushed to busses and I sang in the 7:00 am and 8:30 am services as well. Luke brought the kids at 8:00 so I could quickly nurse Lauren in the cry room between services and then we all went home after the 8:30 service.

We just got back from a family walk. The weather is absolutely perfect. It is 70 degrees, sunny and 13% humidity.

Luke is putting Lauren down for a nap and Nathan and Julia are sequestered in the basement for maximum quietness. The sun is streaming in the window and there is a gentle breeze blowing through the room. Ahh….

Ok – well that was a nice moment – but the kids are upstairs again. Lauren is still sleeping at least…for the moment…

Baby toes

Well – I sat down to blog but instead I have a baby on my lap and am eating some yummy baby toes. I will try to catch up on the blogging later.

Note to teachers

Dear school or Sunday school teacher

Please don’t send something that needs to be kept alive home with my 3, 4 or 5 year old. I already need to keep a 5 year old, 4 year old, 4 month old and dog fed and watered. Besides, we have plenty of grass in our yard. We really don’t need to have more growing on our window sill.

p.s. oh – and Sunday school teacher, please do not give a whole donut to my 5 year old as he leaves class. One sticky donut + 2 kids = crying + mess.

The subconscious mind

So – I set my alarm for 5:50 am before bed last night. I checked the time and turned it right to the setting to the radio alarm. It goes past “on” when I do this. This fact becomes important later. I went to sleep.

Around midnight, mostly asleep, for some reason I turned off my alarm. As soon as I did it I was awake and knew what I had done. I reached over to turn it back on and when I did I noticed I heard nothing as I slid it past the “on” setting. The radio volume was down all the way. I turned it up.

The alarm would not have made a peep this morning. My subconscious mind must have taken note when I set it and alerted me in the night.

I love it when things like that happen.