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Another very fun outing in Illinois was to Allerton Park.

This is a place I used to go with my family growing up and so it was nice to go back there. We lucked out because we went fairly early in the day and it was still cool and overcast (but humid, of course) and I don’t think we saw anyone else there the whole time besides the workers.

The girls had fun running around and looking at all the statues and plants. There is a polo field there and so we set them free to run, run, run in the grass. We don’t have expanses of grass like that here in Colorado Springs.


I’m feeling like I have to post this, but really today is the same as yesterday and as tomorrow will be. I miss Nathan no more on this day than any other. Today will look like a normal day for my family. I don’t see a reason to make it different. I don’t want to honor this day – I honor Nathan’s life every day.

I do want to thank you all for reading this blog, leaving your comments and your support over this past year.

Ideal midwest summer night

Last Wednesday a cool breeze finally came through central Illinois and we had a wiener roast on Luke’s parent’s property. It had rained the day before and so the woodpile was a bit damp. It probably made it all the more fun because it took a bit of playing with fire to really get it going. The girls played while the fire was getting going and I took a little walk around part of the property where a narrow path has been mowed but there are woods on one side and alfalfa field on the other. There were dozens of dragon flies flitting about and one big dragon fly that was the coolest one I had ever seen. I crouched and watched it fly about. As I came out of the path we listened to an owl hooting in the woods.

Kathy (Luke’s mom) and the girls went to the house and got all the food and put it in the back of the trailer of the John Deere and the girls rode back to the fire in the trailer. We cooked fresh corn on the cob in a pot on the fire and roasted hot dogs on a stick. The girls ate in the trailer. We finished off the meal with some s’mores and then played with the fire more. Julia had a great time throwing in some branches with leaves and watching the leaves explode in flames.

As it started to get dark the girls caught lightning bugs (we don’t have those in Colorado Springs) and walked around the path. We put the girls to bed and Luke and Kathy went back to the fire. I went out after a while to join them and had to call for Luke after I got a little bit down the driveway because it was so dark I couldn’t see where I was going. He rescued me with the flashlight and we sat by the glowing fire a little longer.

Here are a few pictures.


I am home as of yesterday after being away for two weeks. It feels good to be home.

I am working on a few posts about our activities in Illinois. We had a great time.

BTW for those of you wondering about our landscaping – it is about 95% done. We are hoping for 100% by the weekend. When (if?) it is finally done either I (or Luke) will post pictures.

Into the woods

IMG_7512I am in Central Illinois visiting my in-laws with the girls. Luke will follow shortly.

I grew up nearby (though in a city) and my parents no longer live in the area. It is always nice to get back “home”. Luke’s parents live on several acres, most of it wooded. It is beautiful.

Tomorrow I will head to the Chicago suburbs for a Neuroblastoma Conference. IMG_7516┬áIt is a conference for families and Luke and I have gone to it before. A few years ago they added a concurrent session for “angel parents”. That is what I will be attending. I am a little worried about how touchy-feely it will be- but I can always bug out if I want. I will see some families I know, which will be nice.

Happy Birthday

Luke is 35 today! We just passed the anniversary of our meeting 13 years ago. I met him 3 days before his birthday – he was just 21!

We have a few weeks of us both being the same age until I am older than him again.

We have been to the zoo this morning and are going out to dinner with out the girls tonight. A possibly failing attempt to make him a cake is in the oven as I write. Wish me luck on that – it is running over! (edited to say – I added the picture and yes, it came out!)