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Happy Thanksgiving!

Navbar hint

I thought I’d share this because I only found out by subscribing to the blogger blog.  They have updated the navbar (bar at the top of blogger blogs) choices.  You can now have transparent navbars (see what I mean by looking at mine).  Just go into settings and layout and click edit on the navbar.  Makes blogs much prettier. As I was browsing around today I saw a fair number of blogs that could benefit from this…

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Lauren turned four yesterday. How can that be?


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Do Re Mi

Luke and I help out in the Kindergarten choir at church.  We mostly enjoy it (there always seems to be that ONE kid you almost have to sit on – this semester it is a child whose name is unusual but I remember it quite easily because it rhymes with “heathen”) and it is a good way to give back to the church and have fun with kids that aren’t ours.

The director, who is in the sanctuary choir with me, has had me playing the glockenspiel with them the last few weeks on some of their songs.  I am just alternating back and forth between two notes on the beat.  I think it is supposed to be helpful to the kids.  It is very simple.

The kids are singing in a church service on Sunday and to my horror I find I am to kneel in front of them with the glockenspiel playing my two notes while they sing.  I tried to decline but I could not get out of it.  My fellow choir members will get a nice view of me doing this and I am really hoping the cameras for the live stream on the internet will keep its lens trained on the kids and not me.

One small mercy though…when we were rehearsing in the sanctuary tonight and the director was busy with the kids the A/V guy came up to me and asked if I would need the glockenspiel to be mic’ed.  I said something to the extent of “please, no!”.  Phew!

Bible Study

I know I have readers who are involved with church and bible study and I have a question for you. 

How do you evaluate whether a bible study is a productive/positive experience? 

I am really struggling with enjoying or even at times tolerating bible study currently.  The topic is fine.  It is a manuscript style study of Mark.  It relies heavily on small group discussion, however.  I feel like I am not in the right place right now or something to be able to take it in and participate.  I have had very little bible study experience and I don’t feel like I have very much to contribute.  Also, I find that I have been having a harder time with grief lately, which just makes me tend to clam up in general.  It doesn’t help that some of the group knows about Nathan and some does not and I feel like it is this big thing that effects how I feel about things but it is not something I can throw out there.  We do very little personal sharing and so somehow it seems hard to study the bible without applying it to your personal life but that seems to be what we do.  We dissect the text but it doesn’t seem like we apply it much to our lives.

I am really considering dropping it.  In fact the only reasons I am reluctant are that 1) there is someone in my group I really want to get to know better and 2) Lauren gets to spend time with one of her best friends while I am there.

This all seems to be about ME and that is not the point of bible study, I know.  If I stop this one I will look for something else, somewhere else.  Someone please tell me if I am being selfish and childish?

Halloween 2009

The first one was taken before school on Friday – thus all the snow!