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Not even a catch up post

Yeah – I haven’t posted in a long time so I doubt more than 2 or 3 people will read this.  I owe a catch up post for sure.  

That post might be about….



kids choirs




middle school

So – perhaps I’ll take a turn with each.

Tonight is kids choir…I’m without my co-teacher again tonight…for the 4th week in a row…out of 6 weeks.  I’m white-knuckling it through with 30 Kindergarteners and 1st graders.  Luckily my accompanist is back tonight after 2 weeks gone…will not have to lead the kindermusic stuff at least – she’s an expert in that.  I’m really happy to have a K1 choir instead of just Kindergarten for the sake of singing songs.  Handling all of them and speaking over the 30 little voices gets tiring though.  I am always reminded I would make a terrible elementary teacher.   

Julia’s choir is a 4:45 this year.  We told her she couldn’t do it because we just couldn’t get her downtown in time (she gets off the bus at 4:15) and also keep our sanity with the prep for my choir.  We also didn’t want to drive 2 cars downtown and back.  Luckily for her she was offered a ride by a young woman who helps out with choir.  So – this young woman picks her up from her school across town and takes her to choir.  She finishes choir right as we enter the room to set up for ours so we send her to the Fellowship Hall to eat and then she takes the initiative to finish her homework at a table in the plaza and goes across the street to Youth group when she is done.  I’ve been very impressed with how mature and responsible she is!  

That’s it for now.