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Kitchen…almost done

I cleared out the kitchen Feb. 20.

We got a sink March 15 and a range March 19.  So – we had two weeks of a functional kitchen.  We are getting floors this week.

Next week we will move stuff back in and all the trim, the valance and window sill will go in.   I am also having them fix and seal the grout in the backsplash because we used a grout product that shouldn’t have needed to be sealed, but alas, clearly does so we need to fix that.



Yes – I am going to write a post – that is not pictures…but one of my other main subjects; singing.  (The other two I would say are grief and my kids.

As usual this time of year I am immersed in singing.  The pressure is high this year though, because despite the availability of a local auditioned Chorale that sings with our Symphony, they asked our church choir to perform in a special Good Friday concert.  We book the performing arts center every year for a full orchestra Christmas concert and it sells very well so I guess they thought it would be a built in crowd.  Also, we can sing with an orchestra – no problem.  The scary thing is the Philharmonic has a new conductor, who is Spanish and somewhat of a phenomena.  And again…we are just a non-auditioned church choir.  On Saturday the maestro came to our rehearsal and it was intense.  According to our director it went very well, but it was hard to evaluate.  He told us (in his spanish accent) that he loves choirs….but not very much.  He thought we might frighten the audience with our  breathing before we come in.  Since he is not a choir director, he treats us like any other instrument, which means we don’t get a whole lot in the way of entrances or cut-offs.  Kinda scary.   However, we have been preparing the heck out of this music.  We have had extra section rehearsals for 6 weeks.  We had 3 rehearsals (plus Sunday services) last week.  We have rehearsals or church every day except for Tues. this week.  We have dress rehearsals with the orchestra on Wed and Thurs and the concert is Fri.  No time to rest because we go home and sleep and come back to rehearse for Easter Sat. morning then sing 4 services on Easter Sunday.

It is tiring, but awesome at the same time.  I sung with symphonies as a child in children’s choir but not as an adult.  So that is an awesome opportunity.  Easter services are always the most uplifting fun services.  this year Lent has been very, very dark and so Easter Sunday is very upbeat, with several Gospel songs (that we all already know, thank goodness).

I still remember coming home from my first choir rehearsal in 2004, in the midst of Nathan’s battle, traveling to NY, and 4 and 2 year old and Luke told me he couldn’t remember when he had seen me so happy.  It is a HUGE blessing to me to be part of such a wonderful musical and worshiping committee.

One other thing..I hesitate to write because…well you’ll see why…I am told quite often (in fact just yesterday) that people love to watch me sing.  At first I was flattered, then it turned into feeling like I had better live up to their expectations, to being kind of paranoid when it was at its peak of people coming up to me and wondering was I actually making a fool of myself up there in the choir loft, to being at peace with it again, because I am not putting on a show, nor trying to do anything in particular.  I just love to sing and worship and I guess it shows.