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Julia turns Nine!

Julia turned nine years old on Saturday.  Since it was a Saturday she got to celebrate all day long!  I made her (canned) cinnamon rolls and eggs for breakfast and then she and I headed up to Denver to shop.  She really couldn’t think of anything she wanted for her birthday and so we decided to shop instead.  However, the alone time with just her and I was what she was excited about.  She found just two things at Claires she wanted and used a giftcard for those.  She tried on some clothes and we looked everywhere, including the American Girl store, but she just is not interested in things.  She got a little frustrated and said she wanted to buy something that she could enjoy and use more than once.  She wants something to entertain her but she is not easily entertained.  She doesn’t fit into a lot of clothes very well.  She tried on some things at Justice and they were very stylish but she is so tall and thin that many clothes hang on her.  She kept her spirits up and kept saying it was all about the time with me anyway.  I was hoping for a nice lunch but what she wanted was a pretzel dog – so that is what she got!

She and I hurried back home to wait for her best friend to arrive at 3:00.  They went off and played until we had pizza, popcorn and a movie (Matilda – which they had both seen many times).  After that we had cake and they went to bed (but not asleep for a while).  In the morning, her friend came with us to church.  She had never been to a church before and was a little nervous.  I couldn’t convince her to stand at any point for singing (but that was fine, of course).  Unfortunately our pastor got creative and decided to use an empty casket for a prop.  I assured her it was empty!  Julia enjoyed introducing her to the people around us.    After that they went to Sunday school, which they both enjoyed and then we took her friend home.

All in all, a very good birthday!

Lauren 5 year stats

I had Lauren in to the doctor the other day for her five year old well-child checkup. The poor thing needed FIVE shots. Four of them were routine, one had been missed in 2007. The doctor was trying to figure out how it happened and I just said “2007 was a bad year” and she agreed. She asked me if I wanted to come back for the extra one. Lauren was so scared that I thought it was better to just get them all over with instead of having one more hanging over her head. If I had been thinking I would have considered splitting up 3 and 2 or something but that wasn’t offered.

So – she had all five, first one in her arm and then four in her legs. She bawled. I felt really bad. I took her to get a milkshake ad then over to a friend’s house to play. Later that night she was running a 101.7 fever and all day the next day a 99.7 fever. I really felt bad for her. She seems to have fully recovered now.

Her stats were as follows:

Height 43.5 inches (48th percentile)
Weight 34.5 pounds (11th percentile)

I forget her BMI but it was something in the single digits and 3rd percentile.

Her height percentile has never been this high – that is nice to see.

She is just a skinny, skinny little thing but she is strong and athletic. It is just how she is made. At this rate she may be in a 5 point harness until she is seven. They really recommend children be 40 pounds before they go into a booster. She is such a tall, skinny 34 pounds that you could fit two of her side to side in a booster – so she stays in a car seat for now. I have explained it is all about her weight and not her age.


So I have mused a few times recently (too lazy to look up the posts right now) about if some of my physical problems are stress/grief related. Luke was the one who told me that perhaps it was and it had not really occurred to me before then.

However, I got “proof” today. I was planning a trip to two banks to consolidate what is left of Nathan’s memorial fund into one interest bearing account and also to the safe-deposit box. I went through some folders to select things that needed to go to the safe-deposit box and selected the title Nathan’s “slot” in the Columbarium. It was in a fancy envelop with a snap and so I opened it up just to check the contents and found his “Certificate of Cremation” in there. IT is an official document that was needed before interring his remains. I had forgotten we had to give it to the cemetery. There it was, spelled out in front of me, date of death, age of death, date of cremation. Ugh, ugh ugh!

So – I tucked it in my envelop and hurried off to take Lauren from school but my chest was tight, I was short of breath and dizzy. It stayed that way for quite a while. One of the bankers was trying to make small talk as he set up this account (memorial, he knew that much anyway) and I finally told him that this was not a cheerful errand and apologized that I really wasn’t in the mood for small talk.

Anyway – I just find it all so odd. I knew what I read, I had this physical reaction, I knew I was having this reaction based on what I had just been doing but I could not make it stop. I am just used to being in control of myself and I guess it is beyond my control.

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December 2010 in review

Happy New Year!

Instead of a year in review I am, for now, going to review December because it was so incredibly busy that I haven’t blogged much at all.

The first 13 days of December contained five multi-hour choir rehearsals and two concerts. We do this concert every year in the local performing arts center with a bell choir, a children’s choir, an orchestra and a big band. It is a ton of fun and big time commitment and lots of work. During this there were several violin lessons for Lauren, one for me, and a recital. School and dance lessons and Christmas shopping were all going on during this time span as well. Immediately after the concert found Luke and then Julia down with the stomach flu.

Then, the day after the concert my sister-friend, Lisa and her family came to Colorado to visit her new niece (who was born very early and is in the NICU). She came despite the illness in our house and stayed a week. The girls had a lot of fun with her three daughters and they were able to join us for Lauren and Julia’s dance recital. I was busy finishing Christmas shopping and attending a few Christmas functions that week, as well as the all fluffing and steaming of dance costumes and such. I also had more choir rehearsals getting ready for Christmas Eve.

Christmas week, we finally had time and health to start baking Christmas goodies. I had to finish up the shopping and wrapping as well. On the 23rd we went on the Santa Train (the cog railway that goes up Pikes Peak and stops halfway up to visit with Santa). Christmas Eve I left the house around 12:45 pm to begin singing Christmas Eve services. I sang three services, we had a quick break for dinner which the church served us and Luke and the girls attended as well and then I sang one more service (7:00 pm) that Luke and the girls attending. I went home with them afterwards, to tuck them in and get ready for Christmas morning. There was one more service I didn’t sing.

Christmas morning we enjoyed opening presents and spent the rest of the day relaxing except for a break to cook a full turkey dinner. Since we were in Chicago for Thanksgiving and ate at a restaurant we were all anxious to have our traditional Turkey dinner here at home with leftovers!

The day after Christmas was Sunday, so we all went off to church and then came home and relaxed a bit and went and had dinner with friends.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s the girls did a lot of playing, some fighting, and had daily swimming lessons. They both passed their classes and were excited to move on. Lauren had taken her level 3 times because when she started swim lessons she would not put her head under water. She is now jumping in over her head and surfacing all by herself. She can also swim under water and dive for an object at the bottom. This is a huge improvement and she is having much more fun at the pool now. Julia s getting closer to swimming with a proper freestyle stroke. Her next class will help her get to that point. I am proud of both of them.

We also had dinner with friends Thursday night and new year’s eve the Children’s Museum had a NOON Year’s eve party (at noon) and since I am on the board (we are trying to build a CM here in town, a long ways from reality yet) I was very busy helping out with that. Last night I was exhausted but we put the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring on and made it to midnight (minus a catnap between the end of the mines of Moria and Baromir’s betrayal of Frodo).

Yes, there are pictures to go with these and I should put them in, but I will put the monthly slideshow up tomorrow and you can refer there or if I find I have time I will update this post.