Ok – so this is one of those annoying posts about something my kid did that I find interesting. You can stop reading now if you are one of those (nonparents likely) that are bored by these.

Anyway – Nathan has taken to using a shoe horn to put on his shoes. He is a very inflexible (physically) child – most likely due to a combination of chemo (Vincristine) and my genes. So the shoe horn really helps him since he can’t sit down and bend his legs very much. I guess he decided he needed to keep it in a more convenient place.

I guess he went and got the clothespin and stuck it there. Perhaps when he is a little older he can help organize things in this house.

4 responses to “Shoehorn

  1. That’s awesome! What a great invention.

  2. He is wise beyond his years! What a kick-ass kid!!!!!!

  3. Pretty cool. Either of my kids would have decided that in the ground somewhere within about two feet would be good enough.

  4. I’m not sure if its admirable or scary 😉

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