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Ice Cream Truck

As part of bedroom redo for the girls and also family room makeover (will post on that later when I am finally done) I needed to swap out some plastic drawers in the basement with a different set so Julia could have the basement set.  In these drawers were a bunch of cars and trucks.  I went through them and then through the two other large containers of cars and trucks we have.  Lauren helped me and had fun playing with them which made it easier.  I didn’t get rid of any, just redistributed them.  These were all Nathan’s, of course.  He LOVED cars and trucks and given that he was “sick” for 4.5 of his 7 years he was given a whole lot of them.    He particularly loved them from about age 2-6.  So, yesterday I was on a quest to find a specific truck; the ice cream truck.

He was diagnosed in April  2003 at 2 years, 9 months.  He and I spent most of the days that summer in the clinic either receiving chemo or blood transfusions.  These were all day events.  It was up to me to keep a 2 / 3 year old happy for 7 hours in a small room.  So, we spent most of these hours on the floor with his cars and trucks.  At this young age he wanted to interact with the vehicles.   Ice Cream Truck would drive around asking all the other vehicles what kind of ice cream they wanted and serving them.  I have such clear memories of playing with the Ice Cream Truck with him and can almost hear his little voice playing.  It is a bittersweet memory but these kinds of memories are becoming more sweet than bitter.  It sucks that these clinic visits were such a part of his life, but on the other hand, they were part of his life experience and remembering him, particularly at that age, means remembering these days.

I found Ice Cream Truck and it now sits on my desk.


We’ve decided to take the kids to Disneyworld. We went there two years ago for Nathan’s Make-a-wish trip and they LOVED it! They have been talking about returning there ever since and they want to stay at the Nickelodeon Hotel. Those commercials they run on Nick pay off!

Anyway – we are unsure how long Nathan will feel good enough to enjoy a trip like that and so we are going very shortly!

I am hesitant to look forward to it since after all we have been through I wonder what the chances are that it will actually work out and we will be able to go. We booked a package and added cancellation insurance and so if we have to cancel it will be ok.

My parents will drive down and meet us there and my mom will be taking care of Lauren so the rest of us can have fun. It is not going to be a very fun time for her (Lauren that is).

We decided to just spend the money and pay off the credit card debt in the future but it looks like we will be getting some financial help for the trip which is wonderful.

Nathan might need to start treatment by then but I don’t know what difference a week or two will make at this point. I think that we will just have begun figuring out what to do when we leave anyway. We can start when we return. I hope his disease cooperates and lets him feel good for this trip. He deserves a whole lot of fun!

Anyway – keep fingers crossed that this will work out. We NEED a vacation!
We are also hoping for warm enough weather to swim since the hotel has a waterpark at it. If it is too cold to swim outside the kids will be heartbroken. Luke thinks we will just have to buy us all wetsuits!