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Completely different!

We are in Hilton Head visiting my parents (who retired here from Illinois – I am not a southern girl)

It is a different as Colorado as you can get.  The humidity I could do is seriously hard for me to deal with.  We have been outside on the golf course (my parents live on the 9th tee) and I finally had to give up and come inside to the A/C.

I AM enjoying the different birds and plant life here.  We also enjoyed the ocean this afternoon (but no pictures of that yet).

There is dew here!
these crazy squirrels always are splayed out like this on this tree

Julia’s Voice Recital

Julia began taking voice lessons this spring. She recently had recital at a nursing home (so very informal and lots of people milling about)

Here are the videos.

Another year

Yes – Today would have been Nathan’s Tenth birthday. What can I say? It just sucks that he is not here with us. This is the third birthday he has missed. I want him back.

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Second Grade

Julia is attending her last day of Second Grade today!

  She sure has grown up a lot this year.

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