This is so not going to resonate with any of the male readers out there….

I remember when I was a little girl – I love the name Sindy – yes Cindy but spelled with an “S”. That was the name I gave things and used as a pretend name.

Julia has chosen the name Chrystal. She uses it when playing pretend. She often asks Nathan to call her Chrystal when they are playing. Just now she is playing with “birthday cake” playdoh (a set she got) and she is singing happy birthday to the imaginary Chrystal. I have no idea where she heard the name, but I think it is so cute.

Of course – in her mind it could be spelled Kristyl or something.

2 responses to “Chrystal

  1. In junior high I was writing some stupid fantasy story, and Steve came up with a name for my main character that I loved, Avic. From then on, whenvever I day dreamed about being a wizard or a knight with a magic sword, there was always an Avic.

  2. I used the name Almond when I was little – Nick likes to make fun of me for it, and feels that it should be paltrow and martin’s next baby name.-Anna

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