For blogging’s sake

I said I would blog and so I am, but having trouble thinking about what to say. 

Maybe a little life update will work.

As we are almost in May I have been finalizing summer plans – which involve quite a bit of travel – we always visit the Grandparents but are shaking up the order and driving to see more of the country this summer.  Julia will go to camp again this summer.  Luke and maybe the rest of us will go to a weekend joint birthday (big 4-0) celebration with some of his college friends.  

We are gearing up for the end of the school year but, as usual, April is the new May and most of the recitals and end of year events have already occurred.  I kind of like that it isn’t every weekend in May crammed full any more.  Luke and I are going to see John Prine in concert next weekend.  Julia is getting ready to finish elementary school.  

Luke and I are going to Rome with my parents in September…very excited about that.

After very sketchy choir attendance for most of this calendar year I am in the midst of a 9 week stretch where I won’t miss any choir.  We are singing my one of my absolute favorite choral songs in a few weeks.  I am so incredibly fortunate to be able to sing with such a large   talented choir.

Tomorrow night and Saturday morning I am attending a conference about the future vision of my church.  We felt one of us should go.  I love most things about my church but there is a big gaping difference in a key belief that keeps me wondering if I can stay.  We’re still there and still involved and serving and I really hope that doesn’t have to change.

So – there are some tidbits – no grief stuff this time…not in the mood – not that it isn’t ever present.

One response to “For blogging’s sake

  1. I finally remembered to switch your old blog for the new one in my sidebar feed–just in time! I enjoy hearing what you all are up to. I’d love to hear about the church conference when its over. I’m still struggling with that one topic we discussed before–trying to reconcile what I think I know the Bible says with what our culture says is loving others as Jesus would. Not saying our culture is who I should look to for truth, you know, but just wanting to keep in perspective how the world views us as loving or not. And what the Big Picture is–what does God really care about in this issue? Anyway, that’s still been percolating, so if you get in the mood to process any of it verbally (other than with Luke) then let me know!

    Doug and I started planning our CO trip last night, so this post is also very helpful in that regard. ; )

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

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