New Home

So – I am moved over here.  Things are not quite all here yet.  All the slideshows are missing but they are password protected posts anyway.  I will restore those as links soon.  More on passwords below.

So – yes – most of the picture-heavy posts are protected.  There are plenty that are not, but it will narrow down the selection of publicly viewable images.  My Picasaweb is locked down and so you can only view pictures if you have the link to the image.  Some images still have missing image icons and I am working on moving them over.

As I have been going through old posts I realize how much I appreciate reading what was going on years ago – so I am planning on upping my blogging for my own sake.  

So, about the password.  It is the same password for most protected posts – once you put it in one you should be able to see others without re-entering it. If you would like the password and you are on Facebook with me, just message me for it.  If you are not, go to the “About” tab on this page and send me a message.  If I don’t know you and you have never commented here please leave a detailed message for me, or better yet, a link to your own blog.  

I will still have plenty of non-password protected posts – I am just putting passwords on ones with bunches of pictures to keep whomever is stealing the pictures of my girls from getting any more to use on their blog.  I want to keep blogging about my life and my grief to whomever wants to read.

3 responses to “New Home

  1. Hello dear friend. I hope this new home is much safer for you!

    Um, I would be very interested in knowing the blog of the person who is using your pictures. I would like to visit. And pay my, um, “respects.”

  2. Sorry people suck. I stopped posting kid pictures anywhere but Facebook after someone threatened Jae and mentioned the boy. I haven’t gone back and protected old ones on Flickr, though. I probably should.

  3. How totally creepy to have someone stealing pictures, especially when they are of your children. I’d like to troll on their site as well. Jerks.

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