People Suck

So – for a while now I have been dealing with the unauthorized use of a picture I took of Nathan, looking out a window.  The legitimate blog, The Big Picture, of asked me to include the picture for a childhood cancer awareness post.  I agreed but people then stole the picture and someone has even created a meme and attributed a quote and attached a url onto that photo.  I see it pop up onto my Facebook feed regularly and it is not a good feeling.  It is not regarded somehow as a generic childhood cancer photo for free use.  It is not.

Then I received a message on Facebook that pictures from here and Picasaweb and such are being used in someone else’s blog.  I have not hear back where that might be.  I suspect the person who sent me the message was using a pseudonym.  If that person is reading this – I really would appreciate more information.  I have since made a bunch of things private and unpublished a bunch of posts here.  I hope to make things public again at some point.  If I make this blog private I will give you a warning and ability to log in.

If any of you reading this know of other uses of Nathan’s photo – please let me know.

5 responses to “People Suck

  1. How very terrible. You may already know about this, but you can search Google with an image to see where it's posted: may help you locate some pictures. So sorry someone is using the photos. 😦

  2. So sorry to hear this.

  3. I am so sorry Susan! It's hard to keep faith in people when things like this happen. I have removed all pictures of Nathan from my FB since you posted yesterday. I should have asked your permission anyway!

  4. Dear Susan, what a coincidence. I’m from Iran and it’s about 2 years that I follow a farsi weblog which use your photos but with a different story. Your husband is her husband but he’s cheating her with you! she only uses photos of your little girl but she claims that she has 4 children and Nathan (RIP) was his little boy that suffered from a strange disease and after he passed away her husband (your husband) left her but not completely. She still wait for him to come back. Sometimes she put an image of you and your husband and pretend that she found it on her husband’s Facebook. I accidently search one of the photos in Google image and found your weblog. I wanted to inform you but I taught that would make you upset. So I write a comment for her and threatened her to stop using your photos or I will send address of this weblog for all her friends. she emailed me and she wanted to meet me and explain but I didn’t answer her email, because I don’t have time for more lies! for now she stopped using your photos and also deleted all the photos that she used before. her address is:
    I hope you do not generalize her attribute to other iranians

    • If you are just an innocent bystander who happened to see this blog then why are you hiding behind an anonymous proxy? I believe you are messing with me. I would not generalize her attribute to other iranians but I would to you, if you are the one doing this as I suspect.

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