How Great

So – I haven’t really been able to listen to “How Great Thou Art” since it was sung at Nathan’s funeral and Julia sobbed through it. I have had to grit my teeth and get through singing it as a hymn in choir many times since then, and it was difficult being up in front of people and trying to look unaffected. Recently, it was sung on the show “Duets” and the contestant’s story about his brother (in the video as well), along with the best version I have heard has allowed me to move on, I think, except when probably sung at a funeral again. I try not to post videos on my blogs, because I rarely am willing to view them when other post them on blogs or face books – but here goes – no problem if you are like me and don’t want to spend the time viewing!

2 responses to “How Great

  1. Susan, I was thinking of you and Nathan and this song today–and so it meant a lot to now see this post and feel like I was experiencing a little catharsis along with you. I love this hymn, and have since I was a little girl singing along with the congregation there at TCBC. So this version was good, and the story was very meaningful, but oh how I long to hear it sung by a whole body of voices, esp. a capella for a verse. Now that I think about it, singing like that, with you and Nathan, is my idea of Heaven.

  2. What a beautiful hymn, one that I hadn't come across until later life. You seem like a practised hymnal singer Susan, do you have any advice for getting my kids involved? I tried buying them a small home singing system and choral Karaoke Music but it doesn't seem to be having an effect…

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