On Mother’s Day

I have written about Mother’s Day many times…here I go again.

This year I keep coming across other bereaved moms expressing how I feel – and I can’t tell you what a comfort that is to me.  The bittersweet, the empty arms, the missing child in the photo, the desire to avoid church and all its hoopla that day.

I recently found a group of bereaved moms here in town.  That has been a huge blessing because I just need to be in their company from time to time – to be with other moms who understand.  We are having a mother’s day brunch on Saturday.  At that table we will be completely comfortable with our shared discomfort with Mother’s Day.  What a relief!

Kudos to Luke who is coming home from a week of travel late tonight and leaving again on a red-eye Sunday night for being more than willing to run the girls around to and fro so I can attend.

One response to “On Mother’s Day

  1. People who have experienced what you have can be a great comfort. How nice that you have met some!

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