Day to day with grief

I am sitting in the car waiting…by a house that has been stucco’d.  So I think back to when my house was stucco’d and I remember how it was being done as Nathan was dying.  I remember when it was all finished we took him outside, on a very sunny day, to see it, because he was housebound at the time  He couldn’t walk anymore and so had to be carried and the act of being carried hurt him and the sun was too bright.  I tear up thinking of it all as Julia walks towards the car and smiles and me.  Thankfully I am wearing sunglasses so I do my best to smile back.

So – that is how it goes…just about any normal mundane thing in life can remind me of pain and suffering and death. It is just part of my life now.

One response to “Day to day with grief

  1. ((hugs)) little things remind me of Nathan, I can only imagine how many things bring on the tears.

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