Kitchen…almost done

I cleared out the kitchen Feb. 20.

We got a sink March 15 and a range March 19.  So – we had two weeks of a functional kitchen.  We are getting floors this week.

Next week we will move stuff back in and all the trim, the valance and window sill will go in.   I am also having them fix and seal the grout in the backsplash because we used a grout product that shouldn’t have needed to be sealed, but alas, clearly does so we need to fix that.


6 responses to “Kitchen…almost done

  1. it looks so pretty! can't wait to see the pics of "after"–and to see it in person this summer! : )

  2. It's very refreshing and very pretty. Congrats dear Susan 🙂

  3. Very pretty! I know the hard work will be worth it. : ) Can't wait to see the finished "after".


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