This is what is going on in my church…

I am very hesitant to share my feelings in this public arena, because they are very personal and these issues are very divisive.  I will say I am sorry it has come to this.  I see pros and cons to the change…I do not yet know how I am going to vote tomorrow.


4 responses to “Split

  1. I'm sorry that your congregation has come to this crossroads. We have had a few people leave our congregation over 10a, but on the whole have a very honest and earnest staff helping guide us through conversations and alternatives for us. We are hoping to put the things that unify us ahead of the things that divide us. I will pray for your discernment, knowing that there are no easy roads forward however the vote turns out.

  2. I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing. Worse would be for people to sit in church feeling forced to embrace what they don't believe in. What would be the point? The split should be respectful and peaceful, he property should be divided up according to the percentage that leaves/stays. So if 30% stay and 70% leave, the property should be divided accordingly. Then both groups are free to worship as they see fit.

  3. I agree with Anon that a split from PCUSA might not be a bad thing. The paragraph that was quoted from your church's website did an excellent job being even in tone, not at all inflammatory, and respectful to the views of both sides. And yet it was very clear what exactly is at stake, theologically, and that it is important enough to warrant such a huge, painful process.

  4. Not a fan of conservative churches, as you might expect. This whole thing just makes me mad, as some churches realign themselves along culture war battle lines. The catholic church being the most prominent and disappointing example. Still, I just remInd myself that the Rev Martin Luther King Jr was right, that the long arc of history bends towards justice. So how did the vote turn out?

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