Kitchen post #1

We are redoing our kitchen.  Yes, it is exciting, but yes, the expense gives me nightmares.  There is a hole in the cabinet under the sink.  It is leaking water into the laundry room – but I caught it fairly quickly and put a mat on the bottom of the cabinet and so no more leaking.  The leaking itself is just the standard sink leakage from the pull-out faucet.  In the past there have been other more major leaks under there.  The cabinet holding our dishes has a shelf that is sagging dangerously.  I hope it can hold out a few more weeks and all my dishes don’t break.   The tile floor has at least 8 cracked tiles.  There are other problems…so onward we go with the remodel.

I wrote a post about the kitchen a few years ago here.   And yes, when the kitchen is done we will have to keep it neater.

The cabinets are ordered…they are a medium maple.  They will go all the way to the ceiling with crown molding.  We are tearing out the closet-style pantry and putting in a pull-out cabinet.

I am trying to figure out countertops…was going to do leaning towards granite because I haven’t found a quartz I like.

Anyway…stay tuned for updates..the cabinets are due to come in on Feb. 22.

3 responses to “Kitchen post #1

  1. Sorry about the state of your kitchen. I just wanted to let you know that I had Nathan and you on my mind on Sunday. The editor of the forthcoming new hymnal for our denomination came to our church this weekend for our lay theology weekend. We sang "How Can I Keep from Singing?" and many other fantastic hymns, old and new. As someone who doesn't sing well, I still appreciate great music and also singing with others. He made the comment that when he visits new members of his congregation he always invites them to to "primary" choir, which is everyone! Then he goes on to tell them about some of the ancillary choirs that are some times called to fill the gaps, like in the chancel on Sunday mornings.Hope you can sing your kitchen through its remodel.Vickie

  2. Two of the most important parts of making concrete kitchen countertops is the polishing and then the sealer that is put on.

  3. exciting! i hear you on the fear! but exciting!wish our current remodel was even a fraction as fun as what you have going on. septic systems are so not sexy.; )

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