Anesthesia Joke Repost

With all the Propofol in the news these days it made me want to repost this.  Nathan received propofol for most of his bone marrow aspirations and biopsies.  Sometimes they let me be in the room with him and they would push it and he would be asleep instantly.

Nathan: I know why it is called propofol !
Me: Why?
Nathan: because when they give it to you it makes you FALL asleep and then you wake up and try to walk and you FALL down.

I had Nathan tell the anesthesiologist who said it was her first propofol joke. It is cuter coming out of Nathan because he says “purplefall” instead of “pro.poe.fall”

3 responses to “Anesthesia Joke Repost

  1. that's a favorite post of mine. thanks for re-posting!(i love it because i can almost hear/see him saying it : )

  2. Wish we had been given that…

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