So, yesterday I turned 39.  A week ago or so Luke and I celebrated 14 years of marriage.

We are terrible in the household about celebrating anything that isn’t Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter.

On our anniversary, Luke had meetings all day and an dinner/evening meeting at church where he had to present something and I was sick.  Needless to say, we didn’t celebrate.  Luckily we had an impromptu lunch out the day before.

On my birthday I had a meeting and Luke met me for lunch and then we went to church after school (after arguing with Lauren about her violin practice with which she was having a hard time taking my coaching).  We had dinner at church and then worked with the kindergarten choir.  I am directing it this year so I asked them to sing me happy birthday 🙂

Luke and I have agreed that next year we celebrate big for 40 and for 15 years of marriage and then when his turn comes for 40 we celebrate that too.  We have a tentative plan for a large awesome trip with my parents that may span our anniversary and my birthday (which is also my mom’s birthday) so that would certainly be great.

It is good that Luke and I are compatible in our celebrating styles but sometimes that means we could both use a kick in the rear because we tend not to celebrate things and while that is fine, on the other hand, why not celebrate things?  We need excuses to celebrate and have fun from time to time.  We are so busy and we also purposely ignored some celebrations soon after Nathan died because they were so painful that we have gotten into a rut.

So – I hope to report some fun celebrations this time next year!

4 responses to “39

  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

  2. Pat & I did a similar thing about pledging to have a significant celebration in the future. We both turned 40 this year, and for a variety of reasons, it was not a great time to make a big fuss. So we consciously decided to defer to our 20th anneversary in 2012.I really think that low maintenance on the celebrating is just some much less stressful that it really makes sense. But as you point out, it does have to be the position of both people in the relationship to work out so easily.

  3. Hello, I'm from Indonesia. happy birthday for you :). excuse me, is the picture of nathan who died by neuroblastoma?

  4. Yes – that is my son, Nathan who died from Neuroblastoma

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