Life now

So – there has now been month of school already!  A month in which the girls leave the house at 8:00 and return at 3:45.   It is a new stage of life for me.  Last year with four half days a week for Lauren we were so busy during the day.  She needed things to keep her occupied the other half of the day.

The first weeks have been pretty busy for me actually.  My parents were here at the beginning and then I started cramming for Mendelsson’s Elijah, which the choir had been working on all summer while I was traveling and otherwise unable to rehearse.  I was also preparing to direct the kindergarten choir this year and going to more meetings than usual for the Children’s Museum as there is some really great momentum going on there.  Dropped into the middle of these weeks was a job opportunity as well.

So, I sit here in the middle of September.  Elijah was on the 11th and went really well.  It is the most demanding piece of music I have ever sung, partly because it is 2.5 hours of singing and also because it is just difficult music.  I was on the verge of giving up but I am glad I stuck with it.   There were many hours of rehearsal at church as well as at home.  We are back to normal choir hours but only for a month because we will start working hard for our Christmas concert very soon.  I am blessed to be part of such a large talented choir.

The first kindergarten choir night was on Wednesday.  I had a lesson plan and it actually worked very well.  I have been helping in that choir for a few years now so I knew what to expect.  I have never directed anything before though.  Fortunately it went as well as possible.  Going forward it should be less stressful.

The Children’s Museum project is gaining momentum on two independent fronts that should converge next month and could really make the museum a reality.  It is fascinating to have in inside look at how this city works, who makes it happen, and see such exciting visions for the future.  We’ve had nothing but negative for a few years.

Through a connection I was offered a very small bookkeeping/administrative job that I will do from home for just 3 hours a week or so.  It will start in October and I am excited about tipping my big toe back out into the working world.  I had assumed I would have to start at something outside my field so it is great that it involves a teeny bit of accounting.  It is a far cry from my last job as a CFO but that is just fine for now!  I think there will be similar opportunities in the future, and there are even a few possibilities cropping up, but this job is fine for now.

I will also be helping out at the school and perhaps some volunteering in the children’s music ministry office at church.  Luke and I are also on the Stewardship committee which will be busy in October.  Oh, and I am starting to attend Tuesday morning women’s bible study.

The girls are continuing their music lessons and are both making great strides.  Lauren is dropping ballet but she really wants to add swimming.  Swimming is twice a week after school though, so hard to fit in to our schedule.  She may have to wait for spring.  Lauren has been pretty tired getting used to full day school.  Julia has a musical theater class in addition to her cello and she loves it.  They will be doing excerpts from Newsies.  Both girls are in choirs at church while Luke and I are doing the kindergarten choir.

So – life is busy, and good.  This morning I am still in PJs with a few errands to run and tasks to complete but I am feeling pretty lucky to have this down time.  Luke is working very hard, as usual, at work.

Oh, and yes, I wish I had a sixth grade boy’s schedule to add into this mix.

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