Vivid dream

I often write about Nathan dreams..this wasn’t one.  I also often have dreams where I die – this one is different.  This dream woke me up a 6:22 this morning.

It was widely circulating that the world was going to end.  I sort of believed it but was skeptical as well.  I dropped of Lauren at Luke’s parents house and told her I would come back to get her later.  I then was driving north on I-25 and I called Luke because it was almost the supposed time for the world to end.  I told him kind of lightly it was almost time and we kind of laughed but then ahead of me I saw the city just collapsing in flames and I told him that it was happening and I told him I loved him but I was very calm and at peace.  I had a sensation of falling and falling and falling and as I fell I cried out to Jesus, but not in fear, in anticipation and love.

Then, I woke up.

Wow – I have just never had a dream like that that involved my faith.  It was not a nightmare, per se, but it certainly rattled me enough to wake up, and I supposed the dream had to end because when I was done falling, I would have been dead.

It is one of those that is still with me, many hours later…

3 responses to “Vivid dream

  1. That sounds very intense. But if the world really does end, I pray I have that same sort of peace and anticipation and love. Rita

  2. wow. beautiful, in a dreadful sorty of way. somehow it seems like a dreadful, Good dream.i wonder if this dream was connected on some level to 9/11? thanks for sharing it.

  3. Blessed, that was exactly what I was thinking–the bit about 9/11.

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