Photo book done

Well – there was a sale I couldn’t beat and since I am struggling with Nathan’s death anniversary coming up anyway it seemed to make sense to go ahead and make the final photo book with Nathan.  I was going to try to share it here, but the service makes you sign up and also, it just seemed a little too private for a completely public forum like this. In the end..I didn’t put the worst of the pictures but put the ones where is he doing something interactive even if he looks bad.  I put in his obituary and the program from the funeral along with pictures of the girls from the day of his funeral.

6 responses to “Photo book done

  1. What a great idea Susan. I hope you found the process as well as the end result therapeutically helpful. I think we need to do the same. Always thinking of your sweet boy Nathan.

  2. So hard to find the words. Thinking of you, and of Nathan always. We'd love to see the book, if you are interested in sharing. Caitlin is moving out next week, she packed the tractor and picture with great care. I will share a picture of where she chooses to display it in her new apartment.

  3. Sometime I would love to see it too. xoxo

  4. I'm sure it's a beautiful book, and a beautiful tribute to a beautiful little boy.

  5. I expect it was a terribly hard book to put together. I, too, would love to see it someday if you choose to share it. We think of Nathan often.

  6. I imagine it was very hard to put it together, but hopefully it was therapeutic too. ((HUGS))

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