I am writing this post for a reader, who until recently had no idea we had a dog.
This is Ellie.  Her full name is Eleanor, named after my aunt Eleanor, who said that if no one would name their child after her, perhaps they would name a dog after her…and because we love her so much, we did!
We got Ellie a few months after we bought our first house in early 1999.  We headed to the local humane society and while I was hoping for a terrier, we say this beautiful 4 month old dog and fell in love.  She is some sort of shepherd mix.  Another person had dibs on Ellie once she was availble for adoption in a few days.  They had until a certain hour to come get her and so we showed up at our appointed time and were thrilled that she was still there and ours for the adopting.
She was very nervous on the car ride home and also when we got to the house.  She had never seen stairs before and it took several days to convince her to go up and down them.
We tried keeping her in a crate but she cried and cried.  One night I went to go sleep with her in the basement (with her in her crate) and she cried so I let her outside and she refused to come in.  After that night she slept outside at night for about 2 years.  Sometime 2 years later when I was sleeping in Nathan’s room due to his teething I realized she took to barking in the early morning hours (his room was on the back side of the house) so we couldn’t let he sleep outside anymore and she transitioned to sleeping inside again.
Ellie doesn’t like other dogs or older men.  We wonder if she was abused by an older man before we got her.  She loves to chew her nylabone and likes to dribble her tennis ball.  When she was younger she loved to play with two of her toys at once.  If enough of our family settles down in one room of the house together she is very happy and will go find her bone and bring it in to chew with us all.  Luke has worked from home her whole life and so her routine, especially in the last several years, is to go down to the basement with him to work and sleep down there with him all day.  For that reason, she doesn’t like weekends when she waits by the basement door for him to go down there.
She has had a few surgeries over the years.  She has canine lupus on her nose and is developing cataracts now.  She will be 13 in November.  She is a very good dog!
Ellie when we just brought her home
Me with Ellie as a puppy
Ellie and baby Nathan
Julia and Ellie (2004) after she cut her tendon on lawn edging
Luke, Lauren and Ellie
Ellie after surgery to repair her “knee”
Her favorite place to sleep

The rest of these pictures are of Ellie currently, the first several in desperate need of de-furring and the last after being groomed.

I have tried to fix my comment posting ability – so if you have failed in the past – try again!

8 responses to “Ellie

  1. WOW! Been reading since 2007 and had NO idea you had a dog! She is a beautiful dog!!

  2. You forgot to mention how incredibly soft her fur is! Seriously the most luscious soft fur, esp. on her head and those wonderful ears. : ) (I thought your readers should know my favorite part)I know she does not like other dogs, like (our dog) Macey didn't, yet it was the cutest thing to see the two of them literally shoulder to shoulder when Luke and I used to take them for walks. As long as we were moving forward, they got along perfectly! : )

  3. Loved this post, especially the basement story. Cute!

  4. Haha, see, I wasn't the only one who missed it! She's adorable. Thanks for posting this!Now I have to see if I can get someone to name their dog after me. 🙂

  5. Ellie is gorgeous. 🙂

  6. What a beautiful dog! And look at that luscious fur!

  7. No idea you had a dog, either. 🙂 Beautiful girl!

  8. Another one in the no idea camp. 😉 She is beautiful.

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