I have been slowly working on our family pictures and making photo books (digitally) to preserve them.  I take a lot of pictures so each book is 1-3 months.  When Nathan got sick, our friend Lori, took it upon herself to scrapbook for us and made many books for us.  Not too long after Nathan’s death, I took over and have been working on them one by one.  I watch for sales and when there is a good one, I make the next book. I recently finished May 2007.

So – here I am, staring right at June, July and August 2007.  I have several dilemmas.  Which pictures do I include?  There are a few pictures, taken 10 days or so before Nathan’s death that I keep in a separate folder so as not to accidentally have them pop up on my screensaver.  I have only looked at them a few times.  I don’t even know if I posted them on here – they are terrible to see, not gruesome or anything, just the reality of death approaching and cancer taking over.  Some earlier in the month also show this, but at least he is still doing something and not just lying on the couch in pain.

As far as the funeral goes, there are no pictures really…I was given one of my dad holding Lauren at the reception.  I think I will include a scan of the funeral program.  That pretty much explains it.

And then, starting in August – the pictures go on, without Nathan.

Yeah, maybe mother’s day weekend is not the time to work on them….


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