I pair of robins has made our backyard their spring home.  More specifically, our outside table and window sill.  I haven’t seen a nest anywhere, but the female spends all her time looking inside our family room.  I wonder if they are trying to figure out how to get inside to build a nest.  They have also tried tapping on  the window to get in.  The dog’s water bowl is their water source.

4 responses to “Robins

  1. That is fun. I'm hoping the pair of hawks return to the park down the street this year.

  2. The dog???? I've been reading your blog for four years and that's the first I ever heard of a dog.

  3. I checked and I have referred to her only twice by name "Ellie" and a few times as the dog. But yes, we have a dog, perhaps I will do a post about her. She is quite old (will be 13 this year) and is german shepherd and something else, 50 pounds and cream colored.

  4. A photo maybe? I posted photos of my plants for you…

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