She’s mocking me

I think I recently blogged that I bought a cello and that I played the cello from ages 5-13 and then quit.  I probably hadn’t played a cello since I was 17 or so.

I decided to buy suzuki cello book 3 because I actually remember playing those songs.

I open the book and see this little girl

Now I am playing a piece that utilizes many high positions and vibrato and is not “easy” but man, does she make me feel old and slow!  I have no clue what age I was when I first played this, but still…

Here is a link to a girl playing one of the songs in the book if you are interested in the level.

It is fun to be playing again so I am just trying to ignore the picture.

3 responses to “She’s mocking me

  1. That pic looks a good thirty or forty years old — that little girl is probably nearing fifty IRL.

  2. I think it's amazing you are playing again. I played the violin briefly in Junior High School and recently thought of taking it up again (when I have time…sometime). WTG

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