St. Patrick’s Day and Lent

I have been to choir rehearsal tonight.  We rehearsed a beautiful choral arrangement of the following song.  I found it a fitting choice as a celtic tune and for this season of lent.  I wish I could find the choral arrangement to share as it is better than this solo one.  Here are the words.

O love divine amazing love
That brought to earth from heaven above
The Son of God for us to die
That we might dwell on high 

He died for you
He died for me
And shed His blood to make us free
Upon the cross of calvary 
The Savior died for me

Edited to add  Here is a link to an mp3 of the choral version

3 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day and Lent

  1. Wow–that is beautiful.

  2. Wow! How pretty! I'm a little jealous to not be singing that in a choir!

  3. Klopstock! My wife and I and our choir performed this choral arrangement this past Sunday as the anthem. I have sung numerous anthems in many choirs over the years; few have moved as this one did. Thank you for the link to the choral arrangement.I am a singer of Irish folk music, but had never before heard this aire. Do yyou happen to know its name? I want to add it to my

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