Julia turns Nine!

Julia turned nine years old on Saturday.  Since it was a Saturday she got to celebrate all day long!  I made her (canned) cinnamon rolls and eggs for breakfast and then she and I headed up to Denver to shop.  She really couldn’t think of anything she wanted for her birthday and so we decided to shop instead.  However, the alone time with just her and I was what she was excited about.  She found just two things at Claires she wanted and used a giftcard for those.  She tried on some clothes and we looked everywhere, including the American Girl store, but she just is not interested in things.  She got a little frustrated and said she wanted to buy something that she could enjoy and use more than once.  She wants something to entertain her but she is not easily entertained.  She doesn’t fit into a lot of clothes very well.  She tried on some things at Justice and they were very stylish but she is so tall and thin that many clothes hang on her.  She kept her spirits up and kept saying it was all about the time with me anyway.  I was hoping for a nice lunch but what she wanted was a pretzel dog – so that is what she got!

She and I hurried back home to wait for her best friend to arrive at 3:00.  They went off and played until we had pizza, popcorn and a movie (Matilda – which they had both seen many times).  After that we had cake and they went to bed (but not asleep for a while).  In the morning, her friend came with us to church.  She had never been to a church before and was a little nervous.  I couldn’t convince her to stand at any point for singing (but that was fine, of course).  Unfortunately our pastor got creative and decided to use an empty casket for a prop.  I assured her it was empty!  Julia enjoyed introducing her to the people around us.    After that they went to Sunday school, which they both enjoyed and then we took her friend home.

All in all, a very good birthday!

6 responses to “Julia turns Nine!

  1. That sounds like an awesome b-day. And this, "She kept her spirits up and kept saying it was all about the time with me anyway," well, that is just about the coolest thing in the world. Everybody wins.

  2. What a great day for Julia! My girls still love one on one time more than any gift! Both prefer celebrations to gifts! I am so glad to hear she had such a wonderful day!

  3. Oh, I am so glad you had a nice time. And good for her for being a discriminating consumer! Please tell her I think that is a sign of maturity, not to just buy anything because it is there, but to wait until you see the thing you really want and can use (more than once!). : ) But you are right, Susan, the time spent with Mommy was the best part!

  4. How about a sewing machine and some lessons? She's smart and creative and ready-to-wear clothes don't fit her well… and she wants something she'll use more than once. Seems to me a synergy could arise.

  5. Such a beautiful girl, I love that spark in her eyes you could see even when she was a little baby. It sounds like she has a beautiful spirit too, she knows what is important in life already at only nine. Happy Birthday to Julia!Rita Bolli

  6. Sounds like a great birthday. It's good to know it's more about the people you love than the things you get anyway! : ) Very weird thing at church though with the 'prop'. : /

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