Lauren 5 year stats

I had Lauren in to the doctor the other day for her five year old well-child checkup. The poor thing needed FIVE shots. Four of them were routine, one had been missed in 2007. The doctor was trying to figure out how it happened and I just said “2007 was a bad year” and she agreed. She asked me if I wanted to come back for the extra one. Lauren was so scared that I thought it was better to just get them all over with instead of having one more hanging over her head. If I had been thinking I would have considered splitting up 3 and 2 or something but that wasn’t offered.

So – she had all five, first one in her arm and then four in her legs. She bawled. I felt really bad. I took her to get a milkshake ad then over to a friend’s house to play. Later that night she was running a 101.7 fever and all day the next day a 99.7 fever. I really felt bad for her. She seems to have fully recovered now.

Her stats were as follows:

Height 43.5 inches (48th percentile)
Weight 34.5 pounds (11th percentile)

I forget her BMI but it was something in the single digits and 3rd percentile.

Her height percentile has never been this high – that is nice to see.

She is just a skinny, skinny little thing but she is strong and athletic. It is just how she is made. At this rate she may be in a 5 point harness until she is seven. They really recommend children be 40 pounds before they go into a booster. She is such a tall, skinny 34 pounds that you could fit two of her side to side in a booster – so she stays in a car seat for now. I have explained it is all about her weight and not her age.

4 responses to “Lauren 5 year stats

  1. That is a darling picture! I think it is funny that ALL family dance recital snap shots have the same background – the cinderblock of a school hallway!

  2. She's adorable as always. How is Julia? You haven't written about her since like… October.

  3. I shall soon write about Julia – she is turning 9 on Saturday!

  4. She's such a cutie! I think she looks a lot like her big brother. Speaking of sweet Nathan, I saw a link to a video that he's in. It has the picture of him on the windowsill looking out. That picture speaks such volumes about what these children go through. Here's the link to the video:

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