December 2010 in review

Happy New Year!

Instead of a year in review I am, for now, going to review December because it was so incredibly busy that I haven’t blogged much at all.

The first 13 days of December contained five multi-hour choir rehearsals and two concerts. We do this concert every year in the local performing arts center with a bell choir, a children’s choir, an orchestra and a big band. It is a ton of fun and big time commitment and lots of work. During this there were several violin lessons for Lauren, one for me, and a recital. School and dance lessons and Christmas shopping were all going on during this time span as well. Immediately after the concert found Luke and then Julia down with the stomach flu.

Then, the day after the concert my sister-friend, Lisa and her family came to Colorado to visit her new niece (who was born very early and is in the NICU). She came despite the illness in our house and stayed a week. The girls had a lot of fun with her three daughters and they were able to join us for Lauren and Julia’s dance recital. I was busy finishing Christmas shopping and attending a few Christmas functions that week, as well as the all fluffing and steaming of dance costumes and such. I also had more choir rehearsals getting ready for Christmas Eve.

Christmas week, we finally had time and health to start baking Christmas goodies. I had to finish up the shopping and wrapping as well. On the 23rd we went on the Santa Train (the cog railway that goes up Pikes Peak and stops halfway up to visit with Santa). Christmas Eve I left the house around 12:45 pm to begin singing Christmas Eve services. I sang three services, we had a quick break for dinner which the church served us and Luke and the girls attended as well and then I sang one more service (7:00 pm) that Luke and the girls attending. I went home with them afterwards, to tuck them in and get ready for Christmas morning. There was one more service I didn’t sing.

Christmas morning we enjoyed opening presents and spent the rest of the day relaxing except for a break to cook a full turkey dinner. Since we were in Chicago for Thanksgiving and ate at a restaurant we were all anxious to have our traditional Turkey dinner here at home with leftovers!

The day after Christmas was Sunday, so we all went off to church and then came home and relaxed a bit and went and had dinner with friends.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s the girls did a lot of playing, some fighting, and had daily swimming lessons. They both passed their classes and were excited to move on. Lauren had taken her level 3 times because when she started swim lessons she would not put her head under water. She is now jumping in over her head and surfacing all by herself. She can also swim under water and dive for an object at the bottom. This is a huge improvement and she is having much more fun at the pool now. Julia s getting closer to swimming with a proper freestyle stroke. Her next class will help her get to that point. I am proud of both of them.

We also had dinner with friends Thursday night and new year’s eve the Children’s Museum had a NOON Year’s eve party (at noon) and since I am on the board (we are trying to build a CM here in town, a long ways from reality yet) I was very busy helping out with that. Last night I was exhausted but we put the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring on and made it to midnight (minus a catnap between the end of the mines of Moria and Baromir’s betrayal of Frodo).

Yes, there are pictures to go with these and I should put them in, but I will put the monthly slideshow up tomorrow and you can refer there or if I find I have time I will update this post.

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  1. Ah, the busy life. Would we have it any other way?

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