Wintersong, Again..

I posted this last year and just wanted to post it again.

So far, this Christmas has been easier in the grief department.  At the same time Nathan is very close to my heart at this time of year.

5 responses to “Wintersong, Again..

  1. I love all those pictures of him. I remember so many from when they were posted on his Caringbridge page I followed for years. I still think of your little man so often, even though I never met him or you. He touched my heart. I know he is forever safe and happy and well where he is, but still my heart aches for your loss. I pray with that unavoidable ache and sense of loss there is also pride in what a wonderful mother you were for him and comfort from the good memories of his smiles and laughter and joy.Rita

  2. Precious memories of a precious boy! Our times with him will never be forgotten!

  3. This was the first Christmas album we played in the car on the way home, and when we got to this song I was thinking of you. xo

  4. Remembering Nathan today and so many other friends we have lost over the years. I am just sad today thinking about them all, about the brave kids that are not here anymore in person, but will always be here in spirit. Sad also about the kids that we will be losing in 2011. Glad you had a better Christmas this year, I am still working towards that, it feels that I am a long way off. Hugs and love, Karin

  5. I hadn't seen this when you posted it before. It is a beautiful set of memories, and I love the song, which I had not heard before. I'm glad things have been easier in the grief department, even though I know they are never easy.

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