Birthday and dreams

I really don’t have time to blog this morning but I am going to try to do this quickly.

Yesterday we went up to my brother’s house a few hours away. My parents had come in to take care of his kids while he and his wife were away. My kids were out of school and it was my father’s birthday. I figure it had been a good 20 years since I had spent my father’s birthday with him and it seemed like an excellent opportunity to do so! I made his traditional birthday cake the night before (cherry walnut) and we got up and went yesterday morning. He didn’t know we were coming and so it was a big surprise when we showed up. We hung out and spent some time outside in the beautiful fall weather and had a big dinner and desert. It was a really great day.

Last night I dreamed of Nathan. It was a long drawn out dream where I spent a lot of time with him. As is usual with my dreams, his health was frail but this time the knowledge of his death wasn’t there, it was just that he was not robust and I was transported back to that time. He ran around a bit and then all of a sudden it was his birthday and we were celebrating that and he was smiling and happy and it was just wonderful. His last birthday he was doing pretty horribly but in this dream birthday last night he was that age but it was a wonderful birthday. The dream was so vivid that it almost feels like I spent time with him last night. Wonderful.

One response to “Birthday and dreams

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh. Thank you for sharing that.

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