Why I might not be in choir on Halloween

It has nothing to do with Halloween, but I found out we will be singing my most hated choir song that day.  I could not get through it tonight as I was laughing (quietly) to the point of tears.    If you subject yourselves to this video please play the end and witness the lovely hand clapping to go with “the trees shall clap their hands”.

The combination of the trees clapping, the 60’s? vibe and the hand clapping is just too much.  Yes, it is horrible of me, but I just don’t think I can do it.

Here is a video and this is not my choir.

3 responses to “Why I might not be in choir on Halloween

  1. Do not blame you! There are some Christmas carols that I refuse to sing!

  2. The clapping does seem more suited for cap sounds: I am the resurrection X and the life XXXX He who believes in me will never die (etc.)I cringe when we clap in rythm at our 50 person services. Very unsettling. I have to say, I don't find the song that bad, but I love that other people strongly disapprove of random things. It makes me feel better about it when I do it.

  3. Rebecca, I have never met a Christmas carol I didn't like, so your comment has me intriqued. But Susan, I would PAY MONEY to come see you sing this. Actually, that's not a bad idea! I have been missing you. . . . ; )

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