Lucky Thirteen

Luke and I celebrated our 13th anniversary yesterday.  We started early on Friday night with a dinner outside in the beer garden at a german restaurant.  Just a side note that we have been having record heat here and so it was a warm night out side in a sleeveless shirt no less.  Yesterday we snuck off to lunch while Lauren was at preschool and after the kids were in bed we had some champagne, raspberries and chocolate fondue.

Thinking back over the years…with pictures on or near the day.

Year 1:  Luke and I had just moved to Colorado a few weeks earlier and were renting an apartment.  We went out to dinner at a local steakhouse.

I can find not one single picture taken in 1998!  The whole year.

Year 2:  We were in our new house and planning on starting a family.  We went out to dinner for fondue.  It was snowing!

Year 3:  We had a three month old baby.  I am guessing we had a quiet evening at home

Year 4:  We had a 15 month old baby and I was 5 months pregnant with Julia.  Back then we never had a babysitter so once again I’m sure we did nothing much.

Year 5:  We had a 2 year old and an 8 month old.  I remember thinking that 5 was a milestone.  There is a good chance we had fondue or something after the kids were in bed.

Year 6:  We were in Denver for Nathan’s transplant.  He was three and Julia was 20 months old.  She was at home with my mom.  I do believe Luke and I snuck away for a late dinner together.  The transplant unit there felt strongly that parents not spend the night.  There was no where to sleep in the room either.

Year 7:  Nathan was 4, Julia was 2.  I just went to read the caringbridge journal  the beginning of the entry talked about the frustrations I had that day trying to schedule scans…here is the end.

Once again today it was quite hot out and the kids had some fun playing outside with our new neighbors who are the same age as they are. That was the one fairly smooth part of the day. Dinner involved Julia throwing a fit about the meat I put on her plate (though it was really a control issue). She screamed in her room the whole dinner and then finally calmed down and ate all her meat. 

The kids are happy to go to bed but are being just awful lately with coming in and out of their room for one excuse or another. EVERY night we have to yell at them after repeated request for help with toys they have dropped or other trivial things.

Have I complained enough? I guess so….we all just need a few good days so we can recuperate. I think it is not the acts themselves but the cummulative effect which is wearing away at Luke and I. We did toast to our anniversary with a glass of wine at dinner (to the lovely sound of Julia screamining). We will celebrate without kids soon, we hope. 

Year 8: Nathan was 5 and Julia was 3, I was 7 months pregnant with Lauren.  We had a fairly tame day at home.  Nathan was in the middle of battling his first relapse.

Year 9:  Nathan was 6, Julia was 4, Lauren was 10 months old.  Nathan, Lauren and I were headed to  New York City, the next day.  Luke and I (and baby Lauren) went out to lunch while the other kids were at school.

Year 10:  Julia was 5, Lauren was 22 months,  Nathan was gone.  We weren’t in the mood to celebrate.  I went to choir rehearsal.

Year 11:  Julia was 6, Lauren was almost 3.  We got to go out!  Here is the entry.  I think Julia took our picture.

Year 12:  Julia was 7, Lauren was almost 4.  I just read the blog entry from that day.  I wasn’t in a very good place.

Thirteen years of marriage in a nutshell.  The one sure thing in this bumpy ride is my love for Luke and his for me.  That has not and will not change.

2 responses to “Lucky Thirteen

  1. I enjoyed the retrospective.

  2. Happy late anniversary. You and Luke are God's gift to each other.a_special anniversary_message_from_billybobswildride

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