Family Photo Dec. 2000

I just ran across this – I had forgotten we had this taken. What is up with my hair? (and look at all of Luke’s hair) No matter – it is the slightly teary baby that is cute here.

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2 responses to “Family Photo Dec. 2000

  1. OH he's so cute Susan!!I'm sorry that this grief will always be a part of your life and the void of not having Nathan here. He was such a sweet, beyond his years young man and I so wish he could still be here with you. No mother should have to live through what you have and will always be without now. I know Heaven is a long ways off- but it will be an eternity for you to make up for these lost years on earth with your sweet Nathan. Praying for you friend!

  2. Oh, I just want to kiss those cheeks!!!I don't ever remember you wearing your hair like that–but I love how naive you look. : )In your "family pictures" going by, there was just one of Nathan wearing the "Uber-bib"!And then one of Nathan playing next to Gwynneth on his baby quilt!!!I could watch those pics all day.

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