Technical issues

Over the years I have had people tell me they have trouble with my site.  I figured out one of the problems for commenting.  If you are using internet explorer you may not see the word verification words and if you just type in your comments and click “preview” you will then see the words and can post from there.

Other problems such as freezing and multiple windows opening are things I cannot replicate on any of my computers but if you have any of those problems and have any insight, let me know.  I tried to change one of my gadgets to see if that will help.


2 responses to “Technical issues

  1. This all ran much smoother for me today. Weird, I didn't change anything.

  2. For the frist time ever, the blog loaded well today for me! Usually when I firt pull it up, it freezes for a good 20 seconds before I can scroll. I haven't changed anything on my end. Yay!

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