Pat Lacey – dad of the extraordinary Will Lacey recently posted about a presentation of PTSD in parents of cancer kids.  I remember being in the middle of treatment with Nathan and attending the conference in 2004 ( I think?) and hearing a similar presentation.

Today I had a moment like that and it came out of the blue.  Lauren and I walked to the supermarket.  When we entered the door a woman came in as well with a IV still placed on her arm and some of that flexible bandage stuff wrapped around her arm (I can’t believe I have forgotten what that is called! or at least what they called it at Sloan Kettering).  I only caught her out of the corner of my eye and I had a physical reaction where my stomach dropped and I caught my breath for a minute and I felt a “zing” in my brain.  Then, I realized what had made that happen.  It was really odd and out-of-body-ish.  I surely have seen such things in the last few years but this one really caught me off guard.  Strange the way the mind works.  I am sure I have suppressed a hell of a lot of emotions and memories.  Four and a half years of hellacious medical procedures witnessed and a painful death are sure to do that to someone.  I hope they stay out of my consciousness as much as possible.

p.s. this is my third post of the day so you might want to scroll down if you are not using a feed reader.

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