Holding Hands

Now that Lauren is going to the same preschool as Nathan and Julia it is bringing up a lot of memories.

From where I park I cut through a field to the portables outside the school.  There is a well-worn unofficial path there.  Yesterday as I was holding Lauren’s hand walking down this path I could clearly remember doing the same with the other two.  It was very sweet.

Here is a picture taken on my cell phone of Nathan and Julia holding hands on the path after picking her up from preschool.

Nathan still held my hand as a 6/7 year old.  We’d get out of the van at the clinic and I’d take his hand as we walked to the door.  He and I went a lot of places together, just the two of us and even though the circumstances were not always the best I feel lucky I had that time with him.

Oh my gosh – for extra cuteness I just realized that Julia is wearing Nathan’s coat.  She must not have had hers and he gave it to her.

One response to “Holding Hands

  1. Great pics and great memories…thanks for sharing

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