Bedroom Makeovers

I think I mentioned before that I have been redoing the girls rooms.  A good makeover post would have before and afters but I am not a good blogger – so there you go.  I do have a before of Lauren’s and will see if there are any pictures of Julia’s taken for another reason.

Lauren – yellow walls… before and a complete mess!:

After: green walls plus one purple

Julia: before – long ago but was blue with that bed set:

After: with lavender walls:

Both girls are very happy with the new setups.  Now to keep those rooms clean!

3 responses to “Bedroom Makeovers

  1. I love the rooms. They really look functional, which I would assume is the key to keeping them clean. I say, I would assume, because I have never in my life managed to keep any room even remotely clean.

  2. The rooms look great!! Julia got a bed just like Brady's! Those really come in handy for the sleep overs to come!

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