When I was five I started cello lessons and then piano lessons soon after that. I also was in a children’s choir for many years. I always promised myself that I would do the same for my children. Julia missed out on the early start mainly due to Nathan’s illness and death and my subsequent early grief. I finally got her started with voice lessons this spring and we just added piano with the same teacher and extended the lesson. She did well at her first lesson yesterday and I am hopeful her “late” start is OK (she is 8).

Lauren told me she wanted to play the violin and I found her a good teacher pretty quickly. Her teacher requires that for the little ones (she is 4.5) a parent must learn along for a while. So – I am about to embark on violin lessons. My parents had my brother’s old full-size violin in their closet for about 25 years. I brought it home from their house and took it to a repair shop. Today I finally picked it up and attempted to play it.

I think I did OK but it just made me wish for a cello! I don’t have one anymore and a decent one is around $1000 so I am not just going to go out and buy one. I was trying to figure out how to play vibrato on the violin and am a bit dismayed the technique seems to be very different from the cello. I held the violin like a cello and could do it.

However, since I am now to learn violin I need to get over wishing it was a cello. A violin is much more portable. I am hoping that I can make quick progress and enjoy it. I have no doubt I can do what I need to for the sake of helping Lauren but I am kind of hoping to elevate my playing of it for my own enjoyment. We’ll see…off to my first lesson tomorrow.

6 responses to “Music

  1. You will be fiddling along to my guitar playing in no time. It will be a lot of fun.

  2. How wonderful that you are learning alongside! I don't think 8 is too late at all. If it's there, then she'll pick it up.

  3. Funny, when you said "violin" I was like, "meh." But when Luke said "fiddle" I got excited. Clearly it is the music you will play that will make it fun! ; )Have you asked for a cello on freecycle? SERIOUSLY. You never know what people have around their homes that they wish they could give to someone who would appreciate it. : )ON an a whole different topic, just now in the "Family Pictures" I caught a glimpse of Julia in a little shirt that was worn by all my girls when they were around 12 mo–the dark purple striped one, remember that? Ah, memories. . . : )

  4. What a wonderful adventure you are embarking upon! I would love to learn to play the Cello or Viola. *sigh* But I must be content with the instrument I already know how to play- the flute. :)My boys are taking guitar lessons. One definitely has more enthusiasm for it than the other. I don't think 8yo is a late start at all! They have a tendency to learn more and increase their skill when they are personally motivated to do so. I think that bears more weight than the age that they started.

  5. Eight is not too late!! Ever since I knew what a piano was, I knew I wanted to play one. I begged my parents to put my in lessons, but it didn't happen until I was 8. I was only able to take for 2 years, but I kept playing because I loved it. Now I make money with it. Surely not everyone's story is the same, but my point remains that if Julia really wants to play and is willing to put in the time and energy to really practice, those few pre-8 years she missed out on won't set her back at all. She can still be a virtuoso if she wants to and is willing to make it happen. :o)

  6. So cool! I have lots of Irish fiddle tunes recorded very slow so you can learn them by ear. Lots of fun, not too hard. Let me know if you are inclined and I will put them where you can get them.lty

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