The House of the Lord

The 23rd Psalm was one of the focuses of last week’s sermon.  We got to sing a beautiful version of it. (this is NOT my choir)

Below is the folder from Nathan’s funeral.  As you can see we chose a verse from the 23rd psalm along with a picture Nathan had drawn.

This has been a bad week for neuroblastoma families with many children lost.  One such child is Sam.  I never had the priviledge of meeting Sam, thought I got to know him through his blog.  I did get to meet his Dad, Neil in New York while Nathan was in-patient.  Neil has worked tirelessly, for years, to find a treatment for NB, for Sam and for the rest of the kids.  Neil took time to email many parents with treatment ideas.  He did this for me and Nathan as well.  If anyone could have saved their own child from this beast, it would have been Neil.

Sam leaves behind two little brothers.  I told Julia about Sam (long story about how we arrived at the conversation) but the first thing she expressed was how sad she felt for his little brothers who had lost their big brother, just like she did.

The 23rd psalm gives me a little peace in all the darkness.

2 responses to “The House of the Lord

  1. Wow. We were just at the hospital today for our son's annual check-up. Posts like these just make it all so much more real about how very fortunate we have been, in that he is still alive and kicking. Dain was dx with Stage 3 NB, and he's a survivor. One of the few…It's so very very sad.Big hugs. Going to go visit Sam's site now.

  2. Thanks for posting about Sam (and Neil). We went to their service. Neil and Margot (and Andy and Charlie) were so brave, so strong. Clearly (as I said to Neil), Sam was and will forever provide them with the strength through inspiration to thrive. I hope Nathan continues to work in you similarly, as does Max in us.

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