Julia’s Turn

I took Julia in for a well-child visit.  It was WAY overdue.  However, she is a “well child” so I guess with her being older with no issues I have neglected to bring her in.  They have no record of her height in their current system which goes back to Oct 2007.  So – it has been 3 or more years.  Geez!  She has been in for this or that but they only take her weight on those visits.

She is 52 inches – which is the 80th percentile for height.  She weighs 57 pounds which is 52nd percetile for weight and her BMI is 14.8 which is the 27th percentile.   So she is tall and slim… a good thing to be!

The doctor looked her over and declared her healthy and suggested I bring her back in a few years…

3 responses to “Julia’s Turn

  1. Way to grow Jules! I love the "bring her back in a few years" line! Music to your ears I'm sure!

  2. Tall girl! My 8 yr old DS is about 50", maybe 50 and a half inches. Juila is tall and beautiful:)Rita

  3. Well, she IS beautiful.

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