Little Man

Nathan was a serious kid – not that he was not silly but that he really didn’t appreciate it when others did silly things to interact with him just because he was a kid.  He never appreciated one of the oncologists, who, used to an average 2 year old, would say “Is there a tiger in your tummy?” when listening to Nathan’s chest with the stethoscope.  Even at that age Nathan would give him a LOOK and say “no”.

He also did not want to be forced to do silly things.  There is proof of this on our tree in the form of an ornament he made in preschool.  He was NOT pleased to be forced to put on reindeer ears and smile for the camera.  Check out his expression.  I LOVE this ornament because it is a little piece of his personality captured forever.

7 responses to “Little Man

  1. I love the face as well! 😉

  2. That's a great little story about Nathan. Can't say I blame him lol. All the best.

  3. Oh my goodness! My little guy didn't like to be messed with in the 'little kid way' either. There was one HO doc that would always call him 'handsome' and he would always say back.. "I not handsome, I 'Bub'!". Every stinkin' time. You'd think the dr would catch on. Nope! So every now and then if we refer to that dr in conversations, we call him Dr. Handsome. I'm sure he would love THAT! LOL

  4. Susan, I have so many wonderful memories of Nathan in preschool. I remember your telling us that because he'd been through so much medically, you wanted him to have a chance to just be a kid. I hope we gave him that! I can still hear him saying, "you're silly, Ms. Ouida."

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